About Us

Pokergame2win.live, which debuted in 2021, is a streaming platform where anyone can learn from the greatest in the world. Subscribers gain unrestricted access to 100+ teachers across a wide range of subjects and new programmes all the time with an annual membership. Thousands of lessons are available to stream at any time, on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.).

The security of our platform is very important to us at Pokergame2win.live. This paper will provide you an overview of the security measures we've put in place to keep the platform and your information safe. See our privacy policy or our DPA for more information on privacy (applicable to our Enterprise License product).

Governance of Information Security

Pokergame2win.live has a comprehensive set of Information Security Policies that are reviewed and changed by the security steering group at least once a year and authorised by management.

Third-party evaluations

Pokergame2win.live conducts a third-party evaluation using the NIST 800-53 control families to verify the efficacy of their information security programme. A competent business specialised in information security audits and assessments performs this engagement at least once a year. The assessment's findings are shared with the organization's leadership and are used to review remediation and advancement priorities in our control environment on a regular basis.

Security of Data in Transit

Our website and mobile platforms necessitate the use of a widely established security protocol that facilitates privacy and data security for Internet connections. For its public facing web apps, Pokergame2win.live uses the most recent version of the protocol, TLS 1.3.